GTA 5 vs GTA 4 – which is better full comparision


When it comes to iconic video game franchises, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) stands tall, captivating gamers around the world with its immersive open-world experiences. GTA 5 vs GTA 4 are two major installments in the series that have left a lasting impact. In this article, we will talk about the comparison between these two games, focusing on their gameplay, graphics, storyline, and the human touch that makes them resonate with players.

GTA 5 vs GTA 4

GTA 5 vs GTA 4 Overview

Grand Theft Auto 5, released in 2013, and Grand Theft Auto 4, released in 2008, are both celebrated titles in the gaming world. Developed by Rockstar North, these games have set new standards for open-world gameplay and storytelling.

Gameplay: Evolution of Freedom

GTA 5 introduced a trio of protagonists, allowing players to switch between them seamlessly. This innovation added depth to the narrative and varied gameplay. On the other hand, GTA 4 focused on the gritty life of Niko Bellic, providing a more personal perspective on the criminal underworld.


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Graphics: From Realism to Aesthetics

GTA 4 brought a level of realism previously unseen in the series, portraying a detailed Liberty City. In contrast, GTA 5 boasts a diverse landscape, from urban sprawls to the serene countryside, all rendered with remarkable attention to detail.

Storyline: Intricacies of Crime and Drama

GTA 4’s narrative delved into the challenges of immigrant life, offering a poignant tale. GTA 5, however, opted for a more satirical approach, parodying modern American culture and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Character Development: Connecting with the Protagonists

Niko Bellic’s struggles and moral dilemmas in GTA 4 created a deep emotional connection with players. In GTA 5, the trio of protagonists provided a mix of personalities and motivations, catering to a wider audience.

World Design: Replicating Reality

GTA 4’s Liberty City felt alive and bustling, while GTA 5’s Los Santos and Blaine County are expansive and dynamic, capturing the essence of California’s urban and rural landscapes.

Soundtrack and Atmosphere: Setting the Mood

Both games excel in their soundtracks, with GTA 4 favoring a more somber tone and GTA 5 offering a diverse selection of genres, enhancing the immersive experience.

Multiplayer Experience: Connecting Gamers

GTA 4’s multiplayer was groundbreaking at the time, while GTA 5’s GTA Online expanded on that concept, creating a persistent online world for players to explore and compete in.

Modding Community: Extending the Lifespan

Both games have vibrant modding communities that introduce new content, ensuring players continue to engage with the games long after their initial release.

Cultural Impact and References: Relating to the Real World

Both titles are renowned for their satirical take on real-world issues, from media to politics, making players reflect on society’s quirks.

Accessibility and Pronunciation: User-Friendly Design

One of the remarkable aspects of both games is their accessibility. Rockstar has consistently ensured that even complex or difficult-to-pronounce words are presented in a user-friendly manner.

Human Touch: Emotional Engagement

What truly sets GTA 5 and GTA 4 apart is the human touch embedded in their narratives. These games make us question morality, society, and our own decisions, creating a lasting emotional impact.

GTA 5 vs GTA 4- Which game do you prefer?

Overall GTA V was clearly received much better (and it’s definitely a great game) but I prefer GTA IV. It was divisive because of the darker tone and grounded vibe but I liked that direction. Niko is the most human and compelling GTA protagonist for me, his arc was tragic. I just didn’t feel as invested in the trio’s story (although Michael and Trevor were still memorable characters).

There were real consequences to the characters being criminals and doing bad shit in GTA IV, almost no one got a “good” ending which was fitting. GTA V’s story is entertaining but felt too safe and lighthearted, never a serious moment, no tension whatsoever.

GTA IV had a strong focus on various types of gangs which gave it a gritty crime drama vibe while GTA V was too focused on the FIB/Merryweather & boring Rich people like Weston.

Also, Liberty City felt more “real” than LS to me which may have been the point but somehow exploring the city bit by bit was just more satisfying. Too much of GTA V’s map is wasted on a huge kind of useless countryside..

The gameplay and graphics are overall clearly improved in V (although the physics were dumbed down) but since I care a lot about the story, I prefer GTA IV

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In the world of gaming, the clash between GTA 5 vs GTA 4 isn’t about which is better, but about the different ways they excel. Their ability to immerse players in worlds filled with possibilities, moral dilemmas, and the human touch is what cements their status as legends.

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